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CPeT-IT User's Manual v.3.0

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CPeT-IT is software for interpretation of CPTU data. CPeT-IT was developed in collaboration with Gregg Drilling & Testing Inc., a leading company in site investigation and CPT, and Professor Peter Robertson, co-author of the comprehensive text book on the CPT.

CPeT-IT takes CPT data and performs basic interpretation in terms of Soil Behaviour Type (SBT) and various geotechnical soil and design parameters using current published correlations based on the comprehensive review by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997), as well as recent updates by Professor Robertson. The interpretations are presented only as a guide for geotechnical use and should be carefully reviewed. Either GeoLogismiki or Gregg Drilling Inc., does not warranty the correctness or the applicability of any of the geotechnical soil and design parameters interpreted by the software and does not assume any liability for any use of the results in any design or review. The user should be fully aware of the techniques and limitations of any method used in the software.