My hand calculations do not much software calculations!

Quite often new users of CPeT-IT or CLiq send us questions regarding an inaccuracy they discovered on the calculations of the software programs compared to their hand calculations. The reason of difference is that our software by default applies a moving average over the raw input data. The averaging is used to help smooth the calculated results especially when recording step is too small (like 1 cm or 2 cm) and soil is highly variable. Both CPeT-IT and CLiq by default apply a moving average with a window height of 3 recordings which means that for a given depth the software for qc will use the average of 3 qc values, the current, the previous and the next one. The same applies to the sleeve friction and excess pore pressure measurements.


If a user wishes to perform a comparison with his hand calculations he needs to disable the input averaging which is achieved by setting the averaging interval to 1. In CPeT-IT this option appears when calling the CPT Properties and in CLiq the Analysis Properties dialogs.