Last Updated On September 03, 2018

All of our software licenses are perpetual licenses, meaning that you pay only once to acquire your license and then you can use the software without date or version limitations. For example if you purchase CPeT-IT version 2.xx then you can freely work with any new version that will be released. This means that we offer all updates at no extra cost. There are no maintenance/annual fees or support fees, our licensing scheme is very simple, pay once play for ever!


The simplest license form is the single software license that is bounded to a computer/user account by a serial number. This license cannot be shared or moved to another computer however we will renew it in cases where the old license is lost, like a hardware change on the computer.


To avoid the need of a serial in order for the software to function in full mode we offer the floating license module, a USB key that can hold your single software license. In this case you can use the software ion any computer you like provided that the trial version is installed (the USB key only holds the license information). You cannot have more USB keys than your actual software licenses, for example you can have the CPT Bundle in 2 USB keys, one containing CLiq and the other CPeT_IT and SectionMaker (one USB key per software license) but you cannot have all 3 software licenses in 2 USB keys.


For users that need share the software licenses inside their local network we offer a network based licensing solution. A license server is installed in one computer on your local network and every computer that can communicate with the license server computer can request a software license from the pool of licenses loaded to the server. For security reasons we offer this solution to users that need 2 or more concurrent licenses.