New license types and models effective from 12/03/2019

To make license activation easier and trackable a new license system will be available.

The new Licenses types available are:

  1. Node-locked license: This type of license can be used in one computer only and cannot be freely moved between computers. However, the user is offered a limited number of deactivations per year (up to 3) so that, for example, it can be associated to a different computer in case of a hardware failure. If the deactivation limit is reached sooner than a year, GeoLogismiki cannot be held liable and the user will need to make sure the last activated license is operational for as long as needed.
  2. Floating license: This type of license can be freely moved between computers as long as there is no active (working) license in another computer. There is no limit on the number of activations/deactivations for this type of license.

(A USB key license is no longer available. USB key users that are eligible to the new licensed software need to contact our support department to arrange return of their key. Customers are fully responsible for delivering the USB key to our office, any lost USB key will not be replaced, and licenses stored in the key will also be considered lost).

General license rules:

  1. With the new license types users need to be fully aware that all activations/deactivations can only be performed online. Any computer that is loaded with licenses type 1 or 2 needs to have internet access at the time of activation.
  2. Node-locked licensed software can be used without internet access for a period of 15 days, after initial activation. After the 15 days period the license will be deactivated and user will need to connect to the internet and run the software in order to activate it again.
  3. Floating licensed software will need to be constantly connected to the internet, failure to contact our license server will result to a license validation error making the software run in trial mode only or shutdown.
  4. Any license deactivation needs to be done with the computer connected to internet.
  5. Node-locked licenses can only be activated to physical machines, activation in VM machines is supported only for floating licenses.

The following License Models are available:

  1. Annual model: An annual license will allow the customer to use the licensed software for one year and entitle the customer to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the one-year period, the software will no longer function, and a new license purchase is required for a new activation. This type of license will not be available for purchase online from our website, users need to contact us for details.
  2. Subscription model: A subscription license will allow user to use the licensed software for as long as there is an active subscription. During the subscription period the customer is entitled to download all updates to the software and to receive technical support. After the subscription is over the software will no longer function, a subscription license renewal is required for a new activation regardless of the elapsed time since the last subscription ended.

    All long-term licenses require renewal after 5 years (CPeT-IT Basic/Premium, CLiq Basic/Premium and license for all other software programs).

  3. Perpetual licensing model is no longer available. Customer with old type licenses can choose to continue using their last active version without access to any support (including a license renewal) or upgrade to a new license model. Licenses purchased on 2018 and earlier will not be eligible to an upgrade.

Actions needed by current users:

  1. If your software is currently licensed and working no action is needed yet.
  2. If you need to request a serial number or update to the latest version, you must contact us by email and provide the share-it! order number of the license you need to activate or if you paid for the license by wire transfer attach a copy of the order invoice. Licenses that cannot be validated/checked will not be accepted for renewal and a new full license must be purchased.

Once an older license is validated, we will create an entry to our new online license system, the user will receive a reply with the new activation code as well as information about a dashboard web page were licensing information will be visible. Within the dashboard users will have the ability to view details of their licenses without having to contact GeoLogismiki support.