Soil liquefaction assessment using insitu data acquired with Standard Penetration Test or Shear wave in situ tests, utilizing the most widely used methods.


An external add-on module for CPeT-IT that helps in the creation of 2D cross sections using the typical geotechnical sections defined in the software.


Assessment of soil liquefaction utilizing most commonly used in situ methods (SPT, CPT or Vs) for input data. Additional calculations for vertical and lateral displacements.

SteinP 3DT

SteinP 3DT performs elastic settlements calculation below a footing in 2D plane. Various footing shapes are supported and inclination of soil layers in 3D.

SteinN Pro

SteinN Pro can be used for contacting preliminary settlements calculation below a rectangular footing. All calculations are contacted according to DIN 4019.


Creation of a geotechnical borehole data sheet specially adjusted for the Geotechnical Engineer. Technical log data and stratigraphy are some of the supported input.


Estimate various soil mechanical parameters from Standard Penetration Test (SPT), a widely and most frequently used in-situ test for geotechnical exploration.