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CPeT-IT v.2.0 – CPT interpretation software

Your one tool for CPT interpretation & presentation

CPeT-IT CPT interpretation software DVD BoxCPeT-IT is an easy to use yet detailed software package for the interpretation of Cone Penetration Test (CPTu) data. CPeT-IT is the result of a collaborative effort with Gregg Drilling Inc., a leading company in geotechnical site investigation and cone penetration testing (CPT) and Professor Peter Robertson, co-author of the comprehensive text book on the CPT. We strongly believe that CPeT-IT should belong to your arsenal as your CPT interpretation software.

CPeT-IT takes Cone Penetration Test raw data and performs basic interpretation in terms of Soil Behaviour Type (SBT) and various other geotechnical parameters using the current published correlations based on the comprehensive review by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997), as well as recent updates by Professor Robertson.

The cone penetration test (piezocone CPTU) test is one of the most versatile tools for soil exploration in existence today. The piezocone and associated pushing equipment provide continuous measurements, excellent repeatability and is cost-effective. Throughout the last few decades, considerable knowledge regarding the use and interpretation of the CPTU has accumulated in the geotechnical community. CPeT-IT makes use of this knowledge and provides a fast, easy to use tool for Geotechnical Engineers to interpret and plot CPTU data.

GeoLogismiki have produced an excellent CPT interpretation software package that is easy to use and provides the user with colourful plots and detailed output of a wide range of geotechnical parameters. CPeT-IT is excellent value for money and is highly recommended for anyone that is using CPTU results.
Dr. Peter Robertson, Gregg Drilling and Testing, Inc.

Main Characteristics

  • Imports raw Cone Penetration Test data from any ASCII text file
  • Supports input and output in both the SI and Imperial unit systems
  • Interpretations based on the comprehensive review by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997)
  • Tabular presentation of all interpretation results
  • Graphical presentation of all interpretation results
  • Analytic reports for every level of interpretation
  • Overlay report for selected CPTU files
  • Dissipation data interpretation module
  • Direct settlements calculation module (for sands only)
  • Single pile bearing capacity calculation
  • Typical geotechnical section creation
  • 2D cross section maker module (requires SectionMaker)


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