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LiqIT v.4.7 – Liquefaction analysis software

liqit Soil liquefaction analysis softwareLiquefaction of loose saturated cohesionless soils under the effect of strong ground motion, is one of the most complex topic that the Geotechnical Earthquake Engineer can face. LiqIT is a soil liquefaction analysis software for the assessment of liquefaction potential based on commonly used field data (SPT, CPT and Vs).

LiqIT utilizes the most recent and well-known used deterministic and probabilistc methods that exist today.

Main Characteristics

  • Field data input from Standard Penetration Test (SPT), Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and Vs measurments
  • Deterministic and probabilistic liquefaction analysis methods
  • State of the art methods such as Seed et al. (2004) and Moss et al. (2006)
  • Estimation of vertical settlements induced by soil liquefaction
  • Estimation of lateral displacements due to soil liquefaction
  • Overall liquefaction potential according to Iwasaki
  • Calculations using a reinforced soil by vibro replacement
  • Support for GEF-CPT input files
  • Support for the Imperial unit system
  • Import data from CPT files provided by Gregg Drilling
  • Export basic results to various formats
  • Extensive report for each method used


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