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SimSlope v.1.0 – Slope stability analysis software

Quickly perform your routine slope stability analysis

stonec StoneC_dvdSimSlope stands for Simplified Slope stability analysis software. It can be used mainly for preliminary analysis of slopes since it can provide an estimate of the factor of safety with minimum effort from the user. However the minimum constructive elements provided in the program do not allow the software to perform analysis for complex cases. The software is designed for users wishing to perform a quick stability check on a given slope and to get a quick estimate regarding stability and potential failure surface.

SimSlope utilises a variation of Bishop’s method which is applicable to general shape surface and although it does not satisfy complete equilibrium it provides values of factor of safety that are reasonably accurate. For use in routine slope stability analysis, the method is practical and has therefore been incorporated within SimSlope

Main Characteristics

  • Simple to use CAD interface
  • Drafting tools to quickly define slope geometry
  • Support for linear external loads and phreatic water line
  • Fine tuning parameters for locating critical failure shape


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