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SPAS 2016 v.3.0 – Seismic analysis software

SPAS 2016 - Seismic analysis software DVD BoxSPAS 2016 is a simple seismic signal processing and seismic analysis software. It reads seismic data acquired during a CPTUs measurement (or downhole test) and creates the profile of the shear waves velocity (Vs) or compression waves (Vp) for that measurement. SPAS 2016 can process left and right signals independently or create an average estimation using both side signals. Calculations are performed using an implementation of a fast cross correlation function providing accurate results. Users can also validate the results from the software using hand calculation technique from within SPAS 2016.

SPAS is the result of a collaborative effort with Terratek Brazil, a company backed with many years of experience in geotechnical site investigation.

Main Characteristics

  • Support for both shear and compression (S & P) waves
  • Supports left and right input signals
  • Multiple boreholes in a sinlge project file
  • Can be used to analyse seismic piezocone and seismic downhole tests
  • Evaluation of the results using a hand calculation technique
  • Analytic results of the calculated Vs profile


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