SteinP 3DT v.3.0 – Settlements calculation

Elastic settlements estimation in 3D space

SteinP 3DT is a useful software for performing settlements calculation taking into consideration the influence of nearby footing elements. All calculations are contacted according to the procedure described in DIN 4019 while the stresses calculation is contacted according to the theory of Boussinesq. The footing elements can be rectangular, circular or of arbitrary shape. The subsoil strata is defined in form of planes in 3D space. SteinP 3DT also performs calculation of settlements due to consolidation of saturated clayey soils.

Main Characteristics

  • Settlements calculation for rectangular, circular or arbitrary shapes
  • Subsoil strata definition in 3-D space
  • Immediate settlements calculation according to DIN 4019 for vertical and centric loads
  • Consolidation settlements according to the 1-D theory of Terzaghi
  • Degree of consolidation with or without sand drains
  • Settlements calculations over a rectangular grid
  • Settlements calculation on user defined points
  • Settlements calculation on user defined section lines
  • Results presentation as simple contour lines or filled contour lines
  • Settlements report for user defined points
  • Export of plane view as a bitmap or metafile


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  • Node Locked
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    • Lifespan: 5 years
    • No annual support/maintenance fees
    • License can be freely transferred

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    • 2 - 5 Licenses -> 254 € / license
    • 6 - 10 Licenses -> 224 € / license
    Net prices, additional taxes may apply
  • Floating
    339/ one-off feeSingle License
    • Lifespan: 5 years
    • No annual support/maintenance fees
    • License can be freely transferred

    Volume discounted prices

    • 2 - 5 Licenses -> 288 € / license
    • 6 - 10 Licenses -> 254 € / license
    Net prices, additional taxes may apply

You can order SteinP 3DT over the Internet from ShareIt! company with any major credit card. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring that your confidential information remains confidential.

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You may freely download a 30 days trial version of SteinP 3DT by clicking the download button below. The trial version becomes full working version after entering the registration data, so this is the only file you need to download. Before you begin the download you must read and agree with the License Agreement.

This setup program installs the latest trial version of SteinP 3DT. It is fully functional but does not allow you to save any project file. After you download the installer software, double click to execute it.

How to Uninstall SteinP 3DT

SteinP 3DT can be uninstalled by:

  • Open the Windows Control Panel
  • Select ‘Uninstall a Program’
  • Find SteinP 3DT in the list of programs and double click on it
  • Click the ‘Uninstall’ button in the SteinP 3DT Uninstall window
  • SteinP 3DT has been tested on IBM compatible machines using Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP operating system.
  • SteinP 3DT uses about 2.0 MB of disk space
  • SteinP 3DT requires an OpenGL compatible graphics card