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Guide to In-Situ Testing

The “Guide to In-Situ Testing” provides a concise summary on in-situ testing and its application to Geotechnical Engineering. The aim of in-situ testing is to define soil stratigraphy and obtain measurements of soil response and geotechnical parameters.

Guide to Cone Penetration Testing

The “Guide to Cone Penetration Testing” provides a concise resource for the application of the CPT to Geotechnical Engineering practice. This guide is a supplement to the book “CPT in Geotechnical Practice” by Lunne, Robertson and Powell (1997). This guide is applicable primarily to data obtained using a standard electronic cone with 60-degree apex angle and either a diameter of 35.70 mm or 43.70 mm (10 or 15 cm2 cross-sectional area).

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    Other Reading Material

    list of scientific papers by Dr. Peter K. Robertson.