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Updates History

CPeT-IT – Changeset

CPeT-IT update history: Changes in 15/09/2017 [*] Minor issues fixed with GWT Estimation tool causing a crash in very rare cases Changes in 06/09/2017 [-] Reverted installer to previous […]

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CLiq – Changeset

CLiq update history: Changes in 11/09/2017 [+] Added option to define error codes [+] Added module to perform liq. analysis with DMT data [+] Added module to estimate building settlement […]

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LiqSVs – Changeset

LiqSVs update history: Changes in 22/06/2017 [*] Fixed an issue with LSN calculation and B&I 2014 SPT assessment method Changes in 22/06/2017 [*] Fixed a small issue with […]

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SPAS 2016 – Changeset

SPAS 2016 update history: Changes in 23/05/2017 [*] Fixed a bug with loading signal depths Changes in 17/11/2016 [+] Changing soil layers list will result to a recalculation of unit weights and […]

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BLogPro – Changeset

BLogPro update history: Changes in 12/04/2017 [-] First commercial release of v.2.0 Changes in 14/05/2008 [+] Added support for floating license using a USB dongle Changes in 1.1 […]

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