CLiq update history:

Changes in 13/04/2019
[*] Fixed an issue with plots not being displayed correctly in reports when working with ultra high resolutions

Changes in 12/03/2019
New major version that supports the new license models

Changes in 23/11/2018
[*] Fixed a bug in Vs module where zero total stresses during eq. were calculated

Changes in 30/10/2018
[+] SPT and Vs calculations support the CPT site conditions
[+] Added a new page to display the new modified normalised plots under the Interpretation results
[+] Added font selection for descriptions and cosmetic text
[+] Added option to adjust Y axis labels of liq. calculation plots based on site conditions
[+] Added option to enable/disable company logo presentation in reports
[+] Added option not to print file path on report footer
[+] Added option to format Y axis labels
[-] It is highly recommended to update the software by downloading and installing the latest trial from our website

Changes in 13/09/2018
[+] Added command to automatically place markers on the map for all selected CPT files

Changes in 08/08/2018
[*] Fixed a bug in Boulanger & DeJong thin layer correction filter

Changes in 14/07/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with report generation introduced with the previous update

Changes in 12/07/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with LSN, LPI analysis reports

Changes in 25/05/2018
[+] Added thin layer connection module

Changes in 25/05/2018
[+] Added option to input variable PGA over depth
[*] Fixed an issue with digits number increase/decrease not working with B&I 2014 methodology

Changes in 21/02/2018
[+] Added LSN plot on custom report page
[+] Plot cards in custom report page can now be rearranged by click and drag
[+] Added option to change Y axis title visibility
[*] Fixed a small bug with an error appearing when closing the software after the latest Microsoft Windows update

Changes in 12/02/2018
[+] Added option to add a CPT marker by custom coordinates
[+] Added option to view/edit CPT marker coordinates

Changes in 12/02/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with correct placement of markers on Google map

Changes in 18/10/2017
[*] Fixed an issue with the latest Windows update (the software was requesting administrator credentials in order to run)

Changes in 11/09/2017
[+] Added option to define error codes
[+] Added module to perform liq. analysis with DMT data
[+] Added module to estimate building settlement based

Changes in 06/04/2017
[*] Fixed an issue with the improvement module not working properly

Changes in 09/03/2017
[+] Added option to invert plot LPI/LSN (in project properties)
[*] Fixed issues with plotting GWT line on all plots

Changes in 08/12/2016
[*] Fixed an issue in settlements analysis module when asking a report and B&I 2014 method is selected
[*] Fixed issues with plot axes scales in settlements analysis and methods analysis modules
[+] The software will now remember plot axes scales in settlements analysis and methods analysis modules

Changes in 28/11/2016
[+] Added calculation for surface manifestation estimation according to Ishihara 1985
[*] Fixed an issue with calculating LSN below 10 meters depth

Changes in 28/10/2016
[*] Fixed an issue when calculating pore pressures for GWL above ground surface using Imperial Units

Changes in 18/10/2016
[*] Fixed an issue when importing some CPeT-IT project files that do not end with valid raw data

Changes in 13/10/2016
[*] Fixed an issue when importing multiple GEF files

Changes in 09/09/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. CRR curve

Changes in 30/08/2016
[*] Minor internal issues fixed

Changes in 24/07/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. CRR calculation

Changes in 28/06/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with imperial units when an excavation is defined

Changes in 17/06/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. (Vs module) CRR formula according to 2015 Erratum

Changes in 09/04/2016
[*] Fixed a bug when importing CPT files and all points are marked as non liquefiable

[+] First commercial release of version 2.0

Changes in 09/04/2015
[+] Added option for CRR calculation based on custom PL (applies only to Moss et al. and B&I 2014 methods)
[*] Fixed a bug with custom report page and B&I (2014)

Changes in 20/05/2014
[+] Latest Boulanger & Idriss CPT based method added
[+] New ground improvement control module added
[+] Added filter to eliminate negative raw data values
[+] Extended NCEER method to perfrom calculations for Qtn,cs up to 200
[+] New probabilistic settlements module added
[*] Fixed an issue with the calculation of rd with I&B 2008 (using Imperial units)
[*] Various minnor issues fixed
[-] New updated manual

Changes in 27/11/2013
[+] Users can now switch between LPI or LSN by left clicking on the LPI plot
[+] Application will search for system defined temporary folder to be used for the creation of reports
[+] Aging factor now applies to SPT and Vs assessment modules
[*] Fixed an issue with Vs Kayen et al. report file
[*] Fixed an issue with Vs assessment module reseting the “Can liquefy” state after calculation
[*] Fixed an issue with overburden correction factor for I&B method
[*] Fixed an issue with the calculation of CN for I&B

Changes in 07/08/2013
[+] Added two additional parametric calculations
[+] Added calculation log text report
[+] Added custom report page creation
[+] Added option to use any MSF (NCEER, Moss et al., Idriss & Boulanger) regardless the selected assessment method
[+] Added option not to display numeric results for CPT points on the 2D map
[*] Fixed a bug with strain plot not displaying results correctly
[*] Fixed an issue with importing files from CLiq project files
[*] Lowered maximum volumetric strain value for dry sands settlements

Changes in 30/10/2012
[+] Added option to save/apply plot scale values
[*] Fixed a bug where imported CPeT-IT files could not display correct depth

Changes in 21/06/2012
[+] Added Idirss & Boulanger 2008 calculation method
[+] Columns in tabular results can now be resized
[+] Added aging factor in volumetic strain calculation
[+] Added option to apply probability of liquefaction to volumetric strain
[+] Added option to define non-hysrostatic piezometric profiles to in situ and during earthquake GWT
[*] Fixed a bug in the calculation of LPI and settlements of the very first CPT point when a fill is defined

Changes in 08/12/2011
[+] Added a custom user FS to be applied on CSR
[+] Added command to dublicate selected CPT
[+] Added a simple reduction factor for ev
[+] Added support for the latest CPeT-IT files

Changes in 12/07/2011
[+] Added SPT and Vs based liquefaction assessment methods for direct comparison with CPT based method
[+] Added option to include custom CSR data
[+] Added option to define custom Y axis scale for overall results report
[-] Starting with this version, for network based licenses a special version of the software will be delivered uppon request

Changes in 19/10/2010
[+] Enabled Moss et al. (2006) method for the calculation of FS against soil liquefaction
[+] Added option to define start page number when printing overall reports
[+] Added a simple report page in the parametric analysis tool
[-] New appearance in tabular results report pages

Changes in 16/04/2010
[+] Added command to create overlay reports
[+] Added command to export single plots as graphic files (by right clicking on plots)
[*] Fixed a bug where the latest CPeT-IT project files could not be imported

Changes in 09/01/2010
[*] Fixed a minor bug where the tabular ev value for dry sands was not displayed correctly
[-] Updated dry sands calculation procedure with a max allowable ev set to 25%
[-] Updated parametric analysis procedure to include dry sands settlements

Changes in 07/01/2010
[+] Added procedure to calculate dry sands settlements based on Robertson (2010)
[+] Added latest liquefaction assessment procedure proposed by Dr. Peter Robertson (2009), applicable to all soil types
[+] Added two new columns in the results tabular data to present Su ratio (liquified and peak)
[-] Modified SBT plot according to Robertson (2010)
[-] New way to prepare overall reports by selecting CPT files to be included (or excluded)
[-] Modified procedure for strength loss calculation according to Robertson (2009)
[*] Fixed an issue in Ic plots when Ic value cannot be defined
[*] Fixed a mouse issue when double clicking inside plots (zoom function was enabled after closing the dialog)
[*] Fixed a bug when selecting CPT’s in 2D map
[*] Fixed minor memory leaks
[*] Fixed an issue with network license
[*] Fixed a bug in on-line update procedure

Changes in 02/10/2008
[+] Added option to check for updates on-line
[+] Added option to import CPT data from another CLiq project file
[+] Added option to import an external picture file in the 2D results paper
[+] Added zoom in and zoom out functions inside the plots
[+] Added zoom direction property in project properties
[-] New CPT file manager
[-] Updated procedure for the calculation of stress normalization for Qtn (based on recent reccomendation by Prof. Peter Robertson)
[-] Support for the new 1.60 CPeT-IT project files
[*] Fixed an issue with Imperial units not displaying in 2D map results
[*] Fixed a minnor issue with the left axis label when creating overall reports
[*] When importing data from CPeT-IT, GWT during earthquake is now set to GWT insitu
[*] When importing data from CPeT-IT, local coordinates are assigned (if any)

Changes in 17/04/2008
[*] Fixed the “Failed to set data for” error message when running CLiq under Vista?

Changes in 07/04/2008
[+] Added support for floating license using a USB dongle
[+] Added option to include an excavation in calculations during earthquake
[+] Added a new tad under Liquefaction assessment results for liquefied shear strength ratio (not yet documented)
[+] Added an extra column in the CPT analysis tabular results that displays the Probability for liquefaction according to Juang et al. (2006)
[+] Added option to display either FS plot or PL plot (using the right mouse click on the FS plot)
[+] Added option to exclude/include pages from summary report
[+] Added more details in the lateral displacements report page
[+] Added overall calculation report for LPI, vertical settlement and lateral displacements
[*] Fixed a bug regarding Imperial units when importing data from XLS file
[*] Fixed a bug where vertical and lateral displacements line plots where shifted down when a fill was present
[*] Fixed a bug where the GWT during earthquake was drawn above the plots
[*] Fixed a bug where the export procedure for tabular results always exported the basic interpretation
[-] Clay-like CSR calculation uses the MSF proposed by Boulanger & Idriss 2007
[-] Improved algorithm to create smoothed isolines in 2D plain maps
[-] Changed colors of SBT plot according to recent recommendations by Prof. Peter Robertson

Changes in 1.1.1 27/11/2007
[*] Fixed a bug where the G.W.T. during earthquake was not drawn correctly in the plots
[*] Fixed a bug where navigation through points in the summary plots was not possible when a fill was present
[-] Updated G.W.T. during earthquake description in user’s manual

Changes in 1.1 22/11/2007
[+] Added report for transition layer detection algorithm
[+] Added feature to exclude transition layers based on a minimum number of points in layer
[+] Added feature to import data directly from XLS files
[+] Added ability to create reports in grayscale
[+] Added feature to exclude points from CSR vs qt1N,cs plot based on GWL and transition layer criteria
[*] Fixed bug where lateral displacement calculation was performed for FS > 2
[*] New project file structure creates files with smaller size

[+] First commercial release