CPeT-IT update history:

Changes in 17/07/2023
[*] Fixed an issue when the Google Maps feature was disabled and the software could not save the project file
[*] Minor issues fixed

Changes in 28/04/2023
[*] Fixed an issue with empty file not being able to be saved
[*] Fixed reare issue with quick section design
[*] Changed SBTn zones 8 and 9 descriptions to match the latest published
[*] Fixed issue with auto assign name when importing data from Geotech, Hogentogler and AP files
[+] Added option to automatically change Y axes labes when switching between depth and elevation
[+] Enabled CPT name editing in Quick Overall Edit fialog

Changes in 23/03/2023
[*] Fixed an issue with SBTn legend not displayed correctly in report pages

Changes in 03/03/2023
[+] Added sample width parameter
[*] Fixed a critical issue with report generation

Changes in 19/01/2023
[*] Fixed an issue with soil nature zone assignment in LCPC module

Changes in 10/01/2023
[+] Added strip character in import from text file
[+] Added Schneider zones classification in typical section module
[*] Fixed an issue Save As command and newly created files

Changes in 09/12/2022
[+] Added option to save custom formulas in a global accessed database file
[*] Fixed an issue with not being able to save

Changes in 19/07/2022
[+] Added experimental unit weight calculation engine based on a trained ML model
[*] Fixed an issue with overlay custom report files not showing Location info
[*] Minor cosmetic issues fixed

Changes in 16/06/2022
[*] Various fixes

Changes in 12/02/2022
[*] Fixed an issue with custom report page preview when page layout was set to portrait

Changes in 21/12/2021
[*] Fixed an issue introduced in the previous versions where software could not load on some systems
[-] Updated maps engine to the latest supported by Google

Changes in 16/11/2021
[+] Multi page custom reports are now supported

Changes in 10/10/2021
[*] Fixed an issue with Estimation Plots on report files

Changes in 08/09/2021
[+] Custom estimations data are now saved inside the project file
[*] Fixed an issue with SBT plots in the overlay module
[*] Fixed an issue with custom report files in the overlay module

Changes in 14/05/2021
[+] Custom estimations data can now be input directly from keyboard
[+] Custom data plot settings dialog appears by double-clicking on the plot
[+] Added commands in the File menu to import/export custom estimations data

Changes in 10/02/2021
[+] For each estimation parameter a number of custom data can be used
[*] Fixed a bug where custom report page was not able to print elevation number

Changes in 20/01/2021
[+] Major update regarding manipulation of custom user data
[+] Added option to add as many Other Data needed for a project
[+] Custom Data plot line color and size available under project properties dialog
[+] Fixed text translations available for the Premium version
[*] Various minor issues resolved

Changes in 01/11/2020
[+] Added option to display dissipation curve plot in seconds
[+] Dissipation data export to Excel® now supports XLSX file format
[*] Fixed an issue with Basic Statistics dialog when project displays elevation for Y axis

Changes in 11/10/2020
[+] Added new statistics dialog to quickly view layer frequency distribution and cumulative probability for a selected interpretation parameter
[*] Changes on the text import dialog

Changes in 06/09/2020
[+] Added a new tab in the Estimated Parameters area for strength loss calculations according to Robertson 2020 (a technical paper will soon be available)
[*] Minor issues fixed

Changes in 05/06/2020
[+] Axis title can be customized
[+] Plot title can be customized with a single left click on the title
[+] Added more input variables in the custom formula module
[+] Added option to copy the custom formula results on the clipboard or store them in the custom data module
[*] Fixed a few minor cosmetic issues

Changes in 21/06/2019
[*] Fixed an issue with overlay reports when loading a custom report

Changes in 01/06/2019
[*] Fixed an issue with overlay reports
[+] Added option to display a note on plots about the test stop reason (in Auxiliary Information tab of the Calculation Properties dialog)
[+] Added a new module to create a custom formula for the supported estimated parameters. The module is provided for experimental purposes and results will not be used in the software
[-] We strongly recommend you to update your copy by downloading the trial from the website

Changes in 23/05/2019
[*] Fixed an issue with an error occurring when enabling the linear model change for custom unit weight
[*] Fixed an issue with custom plots not appearing correctly in some cases

Changes in 12/04/2019
[+] Added option to use bitmap format for plots in reports
[*] Fixed an issue with plots not being displayed correctly in reports when working with ultra high resolutions

Changes in 30/03/2019
[*] Fixed a bug with SBT, SBTn plots when elevation for Y axis was enabled

Changes in 12/03/2019
New major version that supports the new license models

Changes in 11/01/2019
[*] Fixed a bug with some plots not allowing to customise horizontal axis

Changes in 05/11/2018
[*] Fixed a bug with intermediate pile calculation plots when vertical axis is elevation
[*] Permeability left axis can now be adjusted individually
[-] Slight changes in Y axis title inside the Overlay module

Changes in 30/10/2018
[+] Added option to format Y axis labels from the Custom Scale Axis dialog
[+] Added option to overlay 2 custom qt curves
[+] Added option to define custom Gs values for Robertson unit weight formula
[+] Added option to hide project file path from report footer
[+] Added font selection for cosmetic text
[-] Due to some internal file changes project files saved with this version will not be accessible from previous software versions

Changes in 07/09/2018
[+] Added the thin layer correction module from CLiq
[+] Added option to overlay a new qt plot based on a Qtn,cs value provided

Changes in 31/07/2018
[+] Added a new unit weight estimation method from Lengkeek et al.
[+] Added option to present custom Vs plot as a step function
[-] Redesigned calculation properties dialog to be more clear on the available options

Changes in 26/06/2018
[*] Fixed a bug when double clicking on the SBTn plots

Changes in 22/06/2018
[+] Added classification method based on Modified SBTn
[+] Added option for Dr calculation based on Bolton (1986) which performs better for high stress sands
[+] Added module to calculate ground improvement factor due to vibrocompaction based on J.M. Debats and G. Scharff

Changes in 09/05/2018
[+] Added a simple compactability plot presentation dialog
[+] Added SBTn descriptions into export functions
[*] Fixed issue with Cv calculation and Imperial units

Changes in 13/03/2018
[*] Minor issues fixed

Changes in 17/10/2017
[+] Added option to use only 3 colors on the SBT and Bq chart plots
[+] Added Unit Weight and Apparent Fines Content plots in the custom plots list
[+] Added option to change the default Custom Reports folder in the Report Settings dialog
[*] Fixed an issue with the latest Windows update (the software was requesting administrator credentials in order to run)
[-] It is strongly recommended to update your copy by downloading the latest trial from our website (do not use the online update feature)

Changes in 15/09/2017
[*] Minor issues fixed with GWT Estimation tool causing a crash in very rare cases

Changes in 06/09/2017
[-] Reverted installer to previous version in order to avoid a false virus alarm when downloading
[*] Minor issues fixed

Changes in 24/08/2017
[+] Added module to calculate an average CPT from selected CPT files
[*] Fixed issue with map not displaying markers

Changes in 14/07/2017
[+] Added overall horizontal coefficient of consolidation plot inside the dissipation interpretation module
[*] Fixed issue with incorrect calculation of average values for 10, 20 and 30 average intervals
[-] Minor cosmetic changes

Changes in 12/06/2017
[+] Added option to switch between Permeability and Consolidation Coefficient by right clicking on the Ksbt plot
[*] Fixed issue with incorrect display of hydro static line
[-] Minor cosmetic changes

Changes in 25/05/2017
[*] Fixed issue with incorrect hydro static line displayed when negative GWT is used

Changes in 30/03/2017
[*] Fixed issue when using the set axes scales to universally apply plot scales
[*] Fixed issue with SBTn legend on a custom report with portrait orientation

Changes in 06/02/2017
[-] Fixed an issue when trying to import CPT file(s) from a CLiq v.2.0 project file
[*] Minor cosmetic changes

Changes in 15/01/2017
[-] Fixed an issue with SBTn legend in the custom report module

Changes in 13/01/2017
[+] New filter added to scale CPT raw values

Changes in 09/01/2017
[+] New command to import CPT markers on map reading global co-ordinates
[+] Added a new dialog to change marker visual properties

Changes in 05/01/2017
[+] Added default plot axis values in project properties dialog
[+] Added option to print on a custom report page from within Overlay report dialog
[*] Fixed a bug in LCPC calculation module where the software could not estimate nature of soil correctly

Changes in 11/11/2016
[+] Added option to include SBTn legend in a custom report page

Changes in 06/09/2016
[+] Added coloured background in Modified SBTn plot
[+] Added new columns in basic results grid to display U2, I(B) and Mod. SBTn
[*] Fixed minor issues when navigating inside new modified plots with SHIFT button pressed

Changes in 17/08/2016
[+] Added option in report settings to scale report pages to Letter page format

Changes in 01/06/2016
[-] Release of version 2.0

Changes in 21/11/2013
[+] Added small signs to indicate dissipation tests location on u2 plot
[+] Samples also appear in corrected cone resistance plot
[+] Added option to specify a custom lag distance for the cross correlation filter
[+] Added option to select tabular results and/or plots in a dissipation report
[*] Fixed a bug with Edit CPT Data command not working properly
[-] New created CPT files will not use the Cn cuttof value by default

Changes in 24/07/2013
[+] Added option to calculate theoretical dissipation curve inside the dissipation module
[-] Improved custom report creation (now allows a custom number of plots to be displayed)
[-] Changed the layout of calculation properties dialog.

Changes in 21/01/2013
[+] Added option to load custom report pages for editing
[+] Added paper size, margins and orientation selection in custom report module
[-] Minor issues fixed

Changes in 22/10/2012
[+] Added option to save/apply plot scale values
[+] Added new filter to eliminate spikes on recorded raw data
[+] Added page orientation property for the custom page
[*] Fixed a bug when adding dummy rows at the end of a CPT file
[*] Fixed a bug in the auto section generator when a layer could not be defined

Changes in 12/06/2012
[+] Added option to exclude the Date field from the reports header
[+] Added option to create a custom report page
[+] Some minor tweaks regarding the dissipation module
[-] Improved text drawing of very thin layers in typical geotechnical section report

Changes in 12/03/2012
[+] Added support for log scale in bottom axis
[+] Added CPT date field
[+] Added option not to use file cache during report generation (resolves a rare issue in some Windows 7 installations)
[-] Use of system registry instead of .ini files for default values
[*] Fixed an issue with local coordinates display inside the reports

Changes in 01/12/2011
[+] Added option to save Report Settings selection as default values
[*] Fixed an issue with Custom export to XLS where Ksbt was always set to zero
[*] Fixed an issue with wrong CPT coordinates saved in cases of long numbers

Changes in 01/12/2011
[*] Fixed a bug related with the definition of custom company logo image and reports

Changes in 29/11/2011
[+] Added 5 new estimation plots under Estimation Plots (3) tab
[+] Auto section calculation properties are now saved
[+] Added option to enable/disable visibility of major/minor grid lines on plots
[+] Added colour properties form major and minor grid lines
[+] Cumulative changes to raw data are now saved
[-] Improved report engine so that it can handle large number of pages (with a small penalty in speed for really large project files)
[-] New report header can display additional information
[-] Cn cutoff is enabled by default for new files
[*] Fixed a bug with page numbers on Overall report
[*] Fixed a bug in dissipation module (Ir was not calculated correctly in Imperial units)

Changes in 30/06/2011
[+] Added new column to display Cn in basic results
[+] Added user defined Cn cutoff value
[+] Added linearly increasing unit weight option
[+] Added suppport for converting ksf input data
[+] Added option not to include Schneider plots in SBT report page
[*] Fixed a bug in Basic Interpretation Plots report page where SBT Index plot was displayed instead of SBTn Index
[*] Fixed a bug when reordering dissipation tests
[*] Fixed a bug with t50 calculation in dissipation test module when trying to interpret dilative soils
[*] Fixed an issue with locating CPT point when holding SHIFT key in qt and Qt1N plots
[-] Starting with this version, for network based licenses a special version of the software will be delivered uppon request

Changes in 01/02/2011
[+] Added a filter to convert u1 measurements to u2
[+] Added option to define custom Nkt values over depth
[+] Added option to change raw data values using the mouse
[+] Added Duplicate CPT command to easily create a copy of the selected CPT file inside the project file
[*] Fixed a bug in Geotechnical Section report (header information could not be changed)
[-] Improved bearing capacity module to allow parametric fotting width calculation
[-] Revised SPT correlation formula (included inside Annex report page)

Changes in 18/11/2010
[+] Added various color options for plots, under project properties dialog
[+] Added simple report page inside auto layer detection dialog
[+] Added option to include report pages from various modules inside the main CPT report engine
[+] Added Schneider Plots tab under Basic results
[+] Added command to display a dialog with Fuzzy Classification plot (main application toolbar)
[+] Added option to display State Parameter (right click on the Relative Density plot to make the selection)
[+] Added option to display Shear wave velocity (right click on the Shear modulus plot to make the selection)
[+] Direct edit feature now supports editing depth column data
[+] Added column in Basic Interpretation to display stress exponent, n
[+] Added command to send an email to our support group directly from within the software (under Help menu)
[+] Added option to display ‘DATA LOSS’ when editing CPT data
[+] Added option to include an extra page with references on the formulas used
[+] Added simple filter to replace negative values in input qc and fs
[-] Importing data from GEF files now supports multi-file selection (moved to a separate command in the import dialog box)
[*] Fixed a bug in export all CPT files procedure
[*] Fixed an error in pile module when calculating friction coefficient (alpha) for soft clay and mud (for category IB, IIA)
[*] Fixed a bug where Edit CPT dialog will only transfer 2 decimal digits
[*] Fixed a bug where Regional settings regarding decimal/thousand symbol could cause the software to crash at start-up
[*] Fixed a bug in XLS Import procedure (always displayed and imported 2 decimal units)
[*] Fixed a bug with transition layer detection and Vs profile
[*] Fixed a bug in estimations report where Nkt and Kocr always displayed input values
[-] Minor improvements

Changes in 12/04/2010
[*] Fixed a bug in text file import where other column was not imported in many cases

Changes in 09/04/2010
[+] Added option to classify soils using SBTn or Ic (affects classification as cohesive or non-cohesive)
[+] Added a simple filter to correct depth values due to tilt (requires tilt data in Other column)
[+] Added project parameter to control the number of decimal digits in tabular results
[+] Added new option to automatically estimate OCR number
[+] Added option to define start page number when printing overall report
[*] Fixed a small bug in Export All CPT’s command
[*] Baseline shift values are now stored and can have negative value
[*] Fixed a small bug in layer statistics report where minimum characteristic column displayed mean values
[-] Redesigned overlay report dialog

Changes in 25/01/2010
[+] Added Su calculation based on automatic Nkt estimation proposed by Robertson
[+] Added feature to direct edit raw input data from within tabular results grid
[+] Added kh calculation inside dissipation interpretation module (based on Robertson 2010)
[+] Added new custom export to XLS files command
[-] Updated dissipation interpretation module
[*] Fixed a bug with main menu where an error occurred when hovering over the Project menu command

Changes in 07/01/2010
[+] Added a simple filter to shift raw data
[+] Added overall report option in section statistics layers dialog
[+] Added support for multiple selection of CPT files in File Manager
[-] New SBT plot available based on Robertson (2010)
[*] Fixed a bug where incorrect title was shown in estimated SPT plot
[*] Fixed a bug in automatic layer detection (associated with auto include last point)

Changes in 15/12/2009
[+] In place editing of layer depth inside Layers list
[+] Added module to easily create geotechnical section
[+] Added module to calculate statistics for individual soil layers
[+] Added option to choose between N(60) and N1(60) calculation in CPT properties
[-] Typical geotechnical sections are now recalculated automatically every time a calculation parameter changes
[-] Points that do not meet SBTn criteria are excluded from arithmetic average calculation
[-] The software will store and remember import data directories

Changes in 20/11/2009
[+] Added option to define non-hydraulic pore pressures
[+] Added command to copy data from Basic results and Estimated parameters by right clicking on the tabular results
[+] Added command to export basic and estimations results to XLS file for all selected CPT files
[-] Apply all button in CPT properties will now popup a dialog with available options to apply
[*] Fixed a bug with network license
[*] Fixed some minor bugs in dissipation module

Changes in 21/09/2009
[*] Fixed a small bug regarding inverted SBT plot when creating a new project

Changes in 11/09/2009
[+] Added option to display data vs penetration depth or elevation
[+] When adding a layer in typical section module description and color is auto assigned according to SBTn
[*] Fixed a bug in typical section module where “&” character was not displayed correctly
[*] Fixed a bug in typical section module regarding soil layers appearance in report
[*] Fixed a bug in pile module report (load vs stress page displayed a wrong header)
[*] Fixed a bug in user estimations where value of Ksbt was lost
[*] Fixed a bug in Ic plots where in some cases zero values where displayed
[-] Apply all button in CPT properties will not alter elevation and GWT to other CPT files
[-] Updated user’s manual

Changes in 21/07/2009
[+] Added option to define custom soil unit weight from CPT properties dialog
[+] Added option to copy and paste custom estimation data between CPT files (or from an external spreadsheet application)
[-] New unit weight formula based on qt and Rf
[-] Redesigned typical section report
[-] Redesigned control to browse for input files
[*] Fixed a bug in Bq calculation where the original values was always used (instead of the averaged value)
[*] Fixed a bug in pipe pile bearing calculation

Changes in 19/03/2009
[+] Added option to display custom estimations data over the estimations plots
[+] Added overall partial sums of primary and secondary settlements (settlements module report)
[*] Fixed a bug where some report pages could not be displayed
[*] Fixed a bug in the transition layer report not displaying statistics on the first page
[-] New way to prepare reports by selecting pages to be included (or excluded)
[-] Updated user’s manual

Changes in 18/02/2009
[+] Added transition layer detection algorithm
[+] Added transition layer detection report
[-] Updated equation for the estimation of Ksbt
[*] Fixed a bug in XLS import where the software always used 2 decimal digits for reading numbers

Changes in 12/12/2008
[+] Added the latest normalization procedure proposed by Dr. Peter Robertson (2008)
[+] Added OCR number customisation in CPT properties
[+] Added option to import dissipation data from XLS files
[+] Added simple settlement vs load curve plot in pile bearing capacity module
[+] Added 2 decimal digits float format to several estimated parameters for more accuracy with Imperial units
[+] Added feature to export plots in graphic format by right clicking on them
[*] Fixed a bug in bearing capacity module when working with Imperial units
[*] Fixed a bug in pipe pile bearing capacity
[*] Fixed a bug where CPT items in file manager could not be repositioned by mouse (use ALT key)
[*] Fixed a bug where the automatic update procedure does not replace the old executable
[*] Fixed an issue in Ic plots when Ic value cannot be defined
[-] Updated pile reports
[-] Updated user’s manual

Changes in 26/09/2008
[+] Added option to check and update the application online
[+] Added new WGS84 coordinates property for creating Google Earth placemarks
[+] Added ability to batch import XLS files from XLS import dialog
[+] Added zoom direction property for current project
[+] Added a simple bearing capacity calculation module
[-] Updated procedure for the calculation of stress normalization for Qtn (based on recent recommendation by Prof. Peter Robertson)
[-] New CPT file manager
[-] New formulas for the calculation of Constrained Modulus M (applicable to all soil types), Go, Es and other soil properties
[-] New settlements calculation module (applicable to all soil types)
[-] Quick preview now displays SBTn plot
[-] Some minor visual enhancements
[*] Fixed a bug when importing XLS files without u2 data available
[*] Fixed a small issue when calling the geotechnical section module
[*] Fixed a bug in the normalized qt plot (holding the SHIFT key the software was pointing in the wrong column in the tabular results)

Changes in 04/06/2008
[+] Added CPT coordinates definition (under CPT calculation properties) to be used with the SectionMaker
[+] Added ability to use the current sheet name as the name of the CPT when importing data from XLS files (Auto assign name not checked)
[+] Import dialogs can now be resized
[*] Fixed a bug in Layer Data dialog always showing SI units
[*] Fixed a bug in Geotechnical Section module displaying units next to OCR

Changes in 04/06/2008
[+] Added new module for the creation of typical geotechnical sections based on the average CPT estimation results
[+] Added new plot to display the initial and final pore pressures versus depth in dissipation module
[+] Added ability to define a custom value for the final pore pressure value in dissipation module
[+] Added feature to change the final pore pressure value in dissipation module by mouse
[+] Added feature to zoom and scroll plots using the mouse
[+] Added feature to merge a CPeT-IT file into an existing project file

Changes in 18/04/2008
[*] Fixed the “Failed to set data for” error message when running CPeT-IT under Vista?

Changes in 03/04/2008
[+] Added support for network licenses using one USB dongle

Changes in 31/03/2008
[+] Added support for floating license using a USB dongle
[+] Added more calculation properties in footing settlements report
[-] Changed colours of SBT plot according to recent recommendations by Prof. Peter Robertson
[*] Fixed a bug in pile module where fp was assigned a wrong value when using Imperial units
[*] Fixed a bug regarding Imperial units conversion when importing data from XLS file

Changes in 1.5.4 11/02/2008
[+] Added support for 2 new units in import dialog
[*] Fixed a bug in estimated parameters Ksbt not showing correctly the units used (only in the table header)

Changes in 1.5.3 10/12/2007
[+] Added feature to import data directly from XLS file
[+] Added calculation of Constrained Modulus, M
[+] Added project information data to overlay report pages
[*] Fixed a bug when an error occurred when trying to alter GWT in dissipation module
[-] Apply to all button from CPT properties now recalculates all CPTU files
[-] OK button from CPT properties now recalculates selected CPTU file

Changes in 1.5.2 07/11/2007
[+] Navigation inside a report using the mouse wheel and keyboard keys
[+] Added feature to export plots in various picture formats
[+] Added feature to export report pages as graphics
[+] Added feature to import multiple CPT files
[*] Fixed a bug in reports where the first plot was not shown in the right position
[*] Fixed a bug in Ksbt plot (did not apply left axis custom scale when changing CPT file)

Changes in 1.5 25/09/2007
[+] Added normalized plots tab under Basic results
[+] Added dissipation data module for the graphical interpretation of insitu dissipation test data
[+] Added settlement calculation module
[*] Fixed visualization issues of software running under Windows XP
[*] Several minor fixes
[*] Updated documentation

Changes in 1.4 15/06/2007
[+] Added single pile bearing capacity calculation using LCPC method
[+] CPTU files inside file manager can be moved with the mouse (click & drag)
[+] Apply to all plots when editing a left axis now affects SBT plots
[*] Fixed bug when opening a project and plots did not show correct units in titles
[*] Fixed an AV error when selecting direct print command
[*] Fixed a bug when converting units
[*] Fixed a bug when water level was negative
[*] Fixed a bug in reports not showing correct maximum depth of CPTU file
[*] Updated documentation

Changes in 1.3 11/05/2007
[+] Added feature to create overlay reports for selected (checked) CPTU files
[*] Fixed a bug with zero values in qc, fs and u. The software will interpret these values as HAND AUGERED
[*] Fixed a minor bug when trying to insert dummy rows without first clicking on the data grid

Changes in 1.2.1 02/05/2007
[*] Fixed a bug regarding loading Company Logo picture
[*] Fixed bug where in some cases tabular data where not cleared as they should

Changes in 1.2 01/05/2007
[*] Improved speed in batch report processing

Changes in 1.1 16/04/2007
[+] Updated documentation with technical notes provided by Prof. Peter Robertson
[+] Added page numbers in reports
[+] Added ability to apply scales from selected CPTU to all CPTU files
[*] Fixed an error where in .cor files the cone resistance was assumed corrected (when importing the file)

[+] First commercial release