LiqIT update history:

Changes in 25/09/2007
[+] Added support for floating license using a USB dongle
[-] Improved algorithm for calculating the normalization exponent according to Moss et al. (2006)

Changes in 4.7.4 25/09/2007
[*] Fixed a bug in summary report (it was always displayed using the SI unit system)

Changes in 4.7.3 13/08/2007
[*] Fixed a bug in Olson’s soil classification procedure
[*] Fixed a bug when importing more than 2000 data points in CPT data grid

Changes in 4.7.1 20/04/2007
[*] Fixed a bug when importing data from .cor files (missing first 2 rows)

Changes in 4.7.0 12/02/2007
[+] Multi-tab worksheets for input data
[*] Updated documentation

Changes in 4.6.7 04/01/2007
[+] Added new feature to create custom headers for all the reports (accessible from the Report Settings command)

Changes in 4.6.6 29/12/2006
[+] Added support for a user defined cutoff value for Ic
[*] Fixed a bug in the Save as… command
[*] Fixed a bug in the CPT report where the CSR data where visible regardless the selection in the Report Settings

Changes in 4.6.5 22/12/2006
[+] Added option to directly import data from CPT file provided by Gregg Drilling (support for corrected .cor files)
[+] Added a cross-correlation procedure for evaluating the CPT friction ratio
[*] Fixed a bug where no calculation for soil classification was performed when qc, fs units where in kg/cm?

Changes in 4.6.3 06/12/2006
[*] Fixed a bug not showing correctly settlements graph in Robertson’s method for Imperial unit system

Changes in 4.6.2 03/12/2006
[*] Fixed a bug in the auto calculation fines procedure

Changes in 4.6.1 27/11/2006
[+] Added support for the Imperial unit system
[+] Added lateral settlements estimation for all SPT, CPT methods (except Eurocode)

Changes in 4.5.4 21/11/2006
[+] Added Moss et al. (2006) probabilistic CPT based method
[*] Fixed a bug not able to display liquefaction summary reports

Changes in 4.5.3 03/11/2006
[+] Added thumbnail view of report pages inside Preview Report dialog
[+] Added New Project button on the tool bar
[*] Fixed a bug (not executing save command) when pressing the Close button on the application’s caption bar

Changes in 4.5.1 26/09/2006
[+] Added lateral displacements estimation from SPT & CPT NCEER methods according to Zhang et al. (2004)
[+] Added soil classification report for CPT methods
[+] Added ability to import CPT data from a GEF-CPT file (more information can be found in
[+] Added ability to import data with units other than S.I.
[+] Added feature to transform input data using a column multiplier (using the right click)
[+] Added warning when asking for a result preview while no calculation was performed (when changing the calculation method)
[*] Fixed a bug on SPT volumetric strain calculation for the Eurocode method
[*] Fixed a bug in settlements calculation according to Robertson (when qc1ncs was over the limits of the proposed functions)
[*] Fixed a bug in settlements report footer for Robertson’s method
[-] Changed unit of settlements in report from (m) to (cm)

Changes in 4.4.3 19/09/2006
[*] Fixed a bug not reading correctly GWT for SPT and Vs calculation methods

Changes in 4.4.2 15/09/2006
[+] Added New Project command in the main menu
[+] Added Save As… command in the main menu
[*] Save command now saves the current project using its filename (without asking name again)
[*] Fixed a bug when pressing cancel in the Open Project dialog

Changes in 4.4.1 11/09/2006
[*] Fixed a bug where ground water table could not take negative value (above free surface value)
[*] Fixed a bug not showing correctly analysis type for CPT data
[+] Replaced deterministic Juang method (2003) by the new proposed (2006)
[+] Added deterministic CPT procedure by Moss et al. (2006)
[+] Added liquefaction summary potential according to Robertson (for electric CPT measurements)
[+] Added liquefaction summary potential according to Robertson (for mechanical CPT measurements)

Changes in 4.3.1 12/08/2006
[+] Added calculation option for reinforced soil with stone columns
[*] Fixed bug regarding the reference factor of safety not displaying correct for SPT methods
[*] Updated documentation

Changes in 4.2.3 02/08/2006
[+] .liq files are associated with LiqIT
[*] Fixed a bug in SPT methods when applying calculation limit depth (report was not able to show any data)
[*] Fixed a bug in some reports showing input data graph values beyond limitation depth

Changes in 4.2.2 26/07/2006
[+] Added a report option dialog where the various calculation results may be selected for printing

Changes in 4.2.1 04/07/2006
[+] Added ability to smooth the CPT input data (qc, fs) according to the running average technique

Changes in 4.1.1 27/05/2006
[*] Minor fixes on reports

Changes in 4.0.1 01/05/2006
[+] First commercial release