LiqSVs update history:

Changes in 20/11/2023
[*]Minor issues fixed

Changes in 09/12/2022
[*] Fixed an issue with not being able to save

Changes in 06/07/2022
[*] Fixed an issue with parametric analysis
[*] Various minor improvements

Changes in 26/07/2020
[+] Added option to apply a weighting factor on post liquefaction volumetric strain
[*] Fixed an issue with the calculation of Vs,12 (Kayen et al. method)

Changes in 25/05/2019
[*] Fixed an issue with post-liquefaction volumetric strain calculation in NCEER methodology when working with Imperial units

Changes in 12/03/2019
New major version that supports the new license models

Changes in 12/01/2019
[+] Added option to input a custom FS value that applies to CSR*

Changes in 14/11/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with Vs parametric analysis and aging factor not being applied
[*] Fixed a general error when calling the parametric analysis dialog with selected Vs files
[*] Fixed an issue with Vs Kayen extend option not being saved

Changes in 29/10/2018
[+] Added option not to truncate N values
[+] Added option to define an aging factor for CRR
[+] Added option to define a custom CSR curve

Changes in 07/09/2018
[+] GWT tables can now have negative values (above ground surface)

Changes in 30/05/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with Su ratio and B&I 2014 method (when significant void redistribution is neglected)

Changes in 16/01/2018
[+] Added Summary Plot module to create an overall plot for a selected analysis variable
[+] Added Parametric Analysis module to perform a PGA based parametric analysis
[+] Raw data plot will now display GWT in situ
[*] Fixed an issue with a blank page appearing in the reports

Changes in 13/12/2017
[*] Fixed an issue with CRR plot not updating X plot axis caption when switching between SPT and Vs tests

Changes in 29/11/2017
[+] Added option to include footing load induced stresses for CSR calculation

Changes in 22/06/2017
[*] Fixed an issue with LSN calculation and B&I 2014 SPT assessment method

Changes in 22/06/2017
[*] Fixed a small issue with the tabular results column headers in Imperial units

Changes in 24/03/2017
[+] Added command to copy calculation properties and apply it to all files of the same test type
[+] Added option to plot soil descriptions vertically

Changes in 20/03/2017
[*] Fixed an issue with D50 data not loading correctly

Changes in 07/03/2017
[+] Added command to import a StoneC project for the estimation of the improvement factor
[+] Added option to inverse the LPI/LSN plot

Changes in 16/02/2017
[+] Added parameter in project properties to define the maximum Y axis value of the CSR/CRR plot

Changes in 10/02/2017
[*] Fixed issue with unit labels in reports not displaying correct values
[*] Fixed issue with company logo image
[+] Added parameter to define custom bar width for the SPT plot
[-] In Vs tabular data the software will now replace zero FC with the previous known non zero value

Changes in 29/11/2016
[*] Fixed issue with Imperial units and settlements report not displaying data correctly
[*] Fixed some issues with reports not displaying correct values

Changes in 21/11/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with LSN being calculated below limit of 10 meters
[-] Changed the way the software reads Influence Depth data

Changes in 08/11/2016
[*] Fixed minor issue with report generation for B&I 2014 SPT assessment method

Changes in 31/10/2016
[+] Added calculation for Liquified Strength Ratio from SPT (tabular data presentation only)

Changes in 23/09/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with B&I 2014 maximum shear strain calculation

Changes in 09/09/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. CRR curve

Changes in 06/09/2016
[+] Added option to limit the analysis depth
[*] Fixed an issue with ignore displacements below 2H option

Changes in 24/08/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. CRR calculation

Changes in 17/06/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. CRR formula according to 2015 Erratum

Changes in 03/06/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with Kayen et al. Vs method when using Imperial units

Changes in 31/05/2016
[+] Added Annex page with references
[*] Fixed an error with Overall Report creation

[+] First commercial release