SPAS 2019 update history:

Changes in 30/05/2020
[+] Added option to hide mark pointers in detailed results plots
[*] Fixed an issue with signal scaling in overall results plot

Changes in 12/03/2019
New major version that supports the new license models

Changes in 29/09/2018
[*] Fixed a bug where after importing signals the software would crash when loosing focus

Changes in 23/05/2017
[*] Fixed a bug with loading signal depths

Changes in 17/11/2016
[+] Changing soil layers list will result to a recalculation of unit weights and Gmax

Changes in 26/01/2010
[+] Added support for P waves calculations
[+] Added option to apply filter to all signals of equal depth with the selected one
[+] Added command to change signal type
[+] Manually adjust transit time points
[+] Added command to check for application updates online
[*] Fixed a minor issue with the plot legend of the Fourier chart
[*] Fixed an issue where deselecting signals will not update signal plots
[*] Fixed a bug with network license
[-] Software is now called SPAS 2009

Changes in 17/04/2008
[+] Added support for floating license using a USB dongle
[+] Filtering of signals is done using a Butterworth frequency Hi-Lo filter
[-] 100% rewritten signal processing library
[*] Fixed the “Failed to set data for” error message when running SPAS under Vista®
[*] Minor bug fixes

Changes in 29/01/2008
[+] Added support for many boreholes in one project
[+] Project files can be compressed
[*] Minor bug fixes regarding plots

Changes in 1.0 04/09/2007
[+] First commercial release