StoneC update history:

Changes in 06/06/2019
[+] Support for the new license models
[*] Minor fixes

Changes in 14/06/2018
[*] Fixed an issue with parametric calculation

Changes in 06/06/2016
[*] Minor fixes and cosmetic changes

Changes in 09/11/2016
[+] Footing names will now appear on the main report pages

Changes in 29/09/2016
[+] Added a command to access the columns grid properties directly from the footing pop up menu
[*] Fixed an issue with drawing columns for a square footing

Changes in 08/09/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with loading/saving default stone columns data

Changes in 30/08/2016
[*] Fixed an issue with loading/saving data files

Changes in 30/03/2011
[+] First commercial release

Changes in 3.3.1 19/01/2007
[*] Fixed a “File not found” error when trying to open a project file
[*] Fixed an error in the total sum of settlements according to Steinbrenner
[*] Fixed a print error where some text was not displayed at all
[+] Added custom report header creation feature
[+] Added option to export the report in JPG format

Changes in 3.2.0 26/10/2006
[*] Fixed a bug regarding an error to perform calculation when settlements are calculated according to Priebe’s diagramms

Changes in 3.1.0 08/08/2006
[*] Fixed a bug regarding replacement ratio when editing stone columns diameter in data grid

Changes in 3.0.1 17/04/2006
[+] First commercial release